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Hüseyin Delen


Hüseyin Delen                     Black-R

He was born in 1974 in the Turkish city Tekirdağ Malkara.
From a young age he learned clarinet and made appearances with other artists in Istanbul.
At the age of 20 he gave concerts all over Europe, participating in a lot of music festivals.
He was a three-time winner in music competitions in Turkey and in an international competition in Poland.
He has collaborated with artists, such as Sezen Aksu, Hande Yener, Volkan Konak, Funda Arar, etc.
In France he has worked with Michel Godard, Arild Andersen, Patrice Heral, Christof Lauer but
has also made appearances in festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Russia.
He composed his first song, “YENIDEN DOĞUŞ”, at the age of 14. He has written the soundtracks
for a lot of television series, such as “Thousand and One Nights”, “Mother”, “Rain Time”, “Love
and Punishment” while he collaborated with Kıraç in order to compose the soundtrack of the series “Gönülçelen”.
He has also worked for the composition of a lot of film soundtracks, as well as ad soundtracks.

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