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Acoustic Bouzouki system

Now you can enjoy the combination of the ENERGY pickup
and the anti-feedback external microphone in a perfect adjustable mixing.
The quality of the acoustic sound, the large depth of the harmonics and the purity of the sound
can only be compared to a studio special microphone.
The lightweight profile provides minimal interference for the performer.
Ideal for continually use without adding weight to the instrument.

The AM -Mic (TAP technology) is a dual Bouzouki system in a common base.
It consists of a Energy plus pickup and a special condenser microphone.
It has a special output jack with long neck for immediate placement.
The concole connection requires the simultaneous use of two channels.
The pickup in an line input and microphone to another input XLR.
*** The connection to an amplifier needs a special TAP mixer.
It's slim design avoid obstruction from Bouzouki soundhole.
Pick-mic system screws at the end of fingerboard, on the special mounting slot that is made for common type pickups.

Extra thin (2.3X10X52mm) and low weight pickup, in a shielded construction.
A low impedance 600 ohm coil, gives a full frequency and symmetrical responce for advanced recording use.
Ideal strings balance by using a separate magnetic field on each string, along with (LA) field correction.
The built in smd preamp of low current consumption, powered from a mini 1.5 Volt battery.

This special condenser Microphone is built with cardioid polar pattern.
The mic is suitable to recognize the pure sound of the Bouzouki.
Designed to eliminates the feedbacks and minimizes the noises from air stream.
Easy installation in the versatile base with safety connector.
The special flexible arm, gives the desirable miking position.
Powered only from a common 1,5Volt battery. (No use phantom power).

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