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Giannis Karabessinis


Γιάννης Καραμπεσίνης      Energy

Giannis Karabessinis was born in 29 November 1931.
In 1960 thrived in night center ‘Spilia toy Paraskeva’
(: Fridays’ cave) and a little later his great success ‘Tampa-Toumpa’
gave after her name to the music centre where he was singing.
Some of his most popular discs are: ‘Tsifteteli, N. 2‘ (1971),
‘Mary Maranti’ (1971), ‘Agapes kai parapona’ (: Loves and complaints) (1984),
‘Tha fygo monos mou’ (: I’ ll leave by myself) (1985),
‘Se kainouria tragoudia’ (: In new songs) (1990).
He also took part in the following albums: Retsina kai Bouzouki 3’ (1964),
H Rempetissa N. 3’ (1982), etc. He passed away in February 15, 2011.

Pickup: Energy