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Nikolas Triiris


Νικόλας Τριήρης      Mic Bouzouki

He was born in Athens on 15 September 1978.
He studied Business Administration at the University of Piraeus.
He holds an MBA graduate and worked as an economist.
His great love for music and the bouzouki, led him to devote many hours of study.
It is self-taught on bouzouki (6th String), from the age of sixteen.
He studied particularly the traditional, folk and rebetiko music.
He has played in ensembles, concerts and events.
In 2010 he attended courses from the soloist Nick Tatasopoulos.
In 2014 he joined as a key member in the orchestra " Manolis Rasoulis ".
He collaborated with musicians: Lazarus Samaras, Dimitris Pantos,
Yiannis Plagiannakos, Sofras Thanasis, Dimitris Bosinakos, Michalis Orphanides,
Tatasopoulos Nikos, Manolis Grandfather, Costas Zaridakis, Petroloukas Halkias,
John Plagianakos, Manolis Karpathios, Vassilis Triantis etc.
Collaborated with singers: Sofia Papazoglou, Theoharides Pantelis, Zoe Papadopoulou,
Natalia Rasouli, John Ntounias, Kostas Mantzios, Alexandros Hatzis, Fotini Velesiotou,
Eleni Dimou, Peace HARIDOU etc.
Discography: The Egg of Columbus (Nikos Veropoulos 2007),
Foreign container (Nikos Veropoulos 2007), City - Seasons -People (Lavyrythmos 2008),
To waltz April (Lazarus Samaras 2013) Lavyrythmos (Lavyrythmos 2014), Damian Pantas 2014.
Since 2010 teaches bouzouki and theory of the western system of music
(classical education) and the Eastern (Byzantine , maqam).

Pickup: Bouzouki Microphone