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Orhan Osman


Orhan Osman                    3Action

Orhan Osman was born in 1976 in Germany with origin from Komotini.
He began his music career in 1996 in Istanbul.
He performed in concerts and musical plays in the
USA, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, France and Germany.
Apart from his tours in foreign countries as soloist in many bands,
he collaborated also with a lot of other artists.
With Muammer Ketencoğlu they made presentations of Greek music.
Afterwards he created his own group, which is today known as Balkan Express.
Passionate with the polyphonic music of Balkans, Orhan Osman
has developed a personal technique in playing the bouzouki,
which combines elements of Greek music with styles and elements
from Bulgaria, Arabia, India but also Jazz.
He has published the albums “Devr-i Alem” and “Gokkusagý and others.

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