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Babis Tsertos


Μπάμπης Τσέρτος             Energy

Babis Tsertos, born in Tropaia, Arcadia, sings and chants from a very young age.
As a student of the Department of Physics of the University of Athens he experiences
the revival of the rempetiko music and learns how to play bouzouki.
Since the 80’s makes continuous appearances and has worked with great singers
and composers of rempetiko music, such as Sotiria Bellou, Takis Binis, Anna Chrysafh,
Kety Grey, Kostas Kaplanis, Thodoros Polykandriotis, Koulis Skarpelis, Chondronakos,
as well as younger ones, such as Babis Goles, Giorgos Ksintaris, Stelios Vamvakaris, Mario,
Agathonas, and others. In recent years he has collaborated with singers and composers
of folk music, such as Glykeria, Manolis Mitsias, Vicky Moscholiou, Lakis Chalkias,
Manolis Rasoulis, Petros Vagiopoulos, Bitali, Dalaras, Thalassinos, Nantia Karagianni,
Aidonidis, Theodosia Stigga, Sotiria Leonardou, and others. In 2002 was awarded the prize
of the best singer of rempetiko music in “Korfiatika Awards”, and in 2003 the prize of the
best traditional album with his work “Bas-relief of a humble art’’
(‘Anaglyfa mias tapeinis tehnis’) in “Arion Awards”.
He has recently worked with Estoudiantina and the Mantolinata
of Eksarheia “Dionysios Lavragkas” in the Greek National Opera.
He has 10 personal albums.

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