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Spyros Ioannidis


Σπύρος Ιωαννίδης              Energy

Spyros Ioannidis is from Platy, Imathia.
From a young age he had passion for bouzouki.
His teacher was Ioakkimidis and as time went
by he became an excellent bouzouki performer.
He worked with well-known artists such as
M. Violaris, R. Koumioti and Dimitris Mitropanos.
His presence in the performances of the great
composer Giannis Parios, as well as his presence
in discography is permanent.
Spyros Ioannidis with the great sound of the bouzouki
(Energy pickup), collaborated with the great American
guitarist Joe Bonamassa in concert in Montreux.

Pickup: Energy