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Ivan Kolev


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Ivan Kolev is an extraordinary Bulgarian musician, influenced by a wide variety of music,
and a clarinet virtuoso of the highest international caliber. His works are an exciting blend of classical
and Bulgarian folk music with tinges of Balkan, Romanian Yugoslav, Armenian, Turkish and Gypsy sounds.
Ivan was born in Elhovo, Bulgaria and is a graduate of the Musical Academy under the tutelage of prof.
Sava Dimitrov and Academic Petko Radev. At the age of 25, he became the assistant principal clarinetist
of Varna philharmonic and later the first clarinetist of the elite Symphonic Band of Sofia. Throughout this time,
became interested in Bulgarian Folklore, Gypsy and folk music of the Balkans. With great devotion and respect,
he studied and performed with Bulgaria’s finest folk musicians, including Ibro Lolov, Angel Vangelov, Rumen Sirakov,
Sasho Petrov, Peter Ralchev, Georgi Yanev, Teodosi Spasov, Djago. Soon, his attentions turned to music of Armenia,
Moldova and Turkey and he participated in folk music festivals throughout Europe. As a result of his knowledge
and experience, he succeeded in carving a niche in Israel. There, he had the pleasure of working with Zico Graziani
and the Army Band and also with singer/composer Miki Gavrielov and Great violanist Sania Kroitor.
Together with the internationally renowned pianist, Leonid Ptashka, he has created a new and interesting blend
of folk music and jazz, performing in the Eilat and Ashdod jazz festivals

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