Nikos Filippidis


Nikos Filippidis                      3Wind

He was born in 1950 in Kerasovo of Konitsa, prefecture of Ioannina
and comes from a rooted in music family. He mainly plays the clarinet.
From a young age he played flute, santouri, violin and second clarinet
in tours that he made with his father in various festivals in Greece.
When he was 16 he moved in Athens where he continued his studies,
while at the same time he took part in various concerts. He has
collaborated for a long period of time with the theatre “Dora Stratou”.
With his group he has participated in a lot of cultural events, concerts,
theatrical plays, television and radio emissions and recordings,
in Greece as well as abroad. He has participated in the discography
of many Greek interpreters, while he deals also with the manufacture
of hand-made clarinets.

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