Kostas Aristopoulos


Aristopoulos Kostas           Nano-R

He was born in Agrinio in 1964. Coming from a family deeply rooted in musical tradition
(the grandfather played zournas and most of his brothers are musicians, as are also his children),
he began playing professionally since 13 years old. He has collaborated with a lot of known
singers such as Tasia Vera, Sofia Kollitiri, Baggelio Christia, Filio Ryrgaki, Annoula Tsachalou,
Giannis Konstantinou, Thanasis Varsamas, Makis Christodoulopoulos, Stathis Kabouras, G. Tzamaras,
Nikos Vlachodimos, G. Kapsalis, etc. He has made a lot of presentations abroad (America,
Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, etc.). He has participated in the recording of many cds
with various singers, in studios as well as in live recordings.

Mic- Sensor : Nano-R