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Stavros Kavellieratos


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Stavros Kavellieratos was born in Kefalonia at 1958. He started music
at the Philharmonic "Kefallinia School". He studied "Technologist - Civil Engineer"
and music at the "Greek Conservatory" and "Orfeion Conservatory".
He tooks the following degrees: Bachelor's Degree, Harmony Degree,
Bachelor's Degree, Orthography, Bachelor's Degree, Bubble Degree,
Trumpet Degree, Trumpet Diploma, K. Bassou Diploma, Yamaha
Fundamentals Grades and Yamaha Electone Grade 5.
He is a top trumpet player at the "Philharmonic of the Municipality of Egaleo",
a leading Conradbassist at the State Orchestra of Greek Music
and a bass player at the "Mikis Theodorakis" Folk Orchestra.
He has collaborated for many years with the musical publications
"F. NAKAS ". His book "The theory of music" (notation and applied harmony)
has been taught for many years at the Pedagogical Department of the University
of Athens. He is an artistic director of the "Aigia" and "Polythythmia"
Conservatoires and has the title of professor of senior theoreticians.
As an composser he has been active both in discography and in live performances.

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