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Miran Tsalikian

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Miran Tsalikian  -  Energy - AM acoustic

   Miran Tsalikian is a bouzouki soloist, with delicate technique on the strings.
   Participated in bouzouki band DROMOS and has played in various parts of the world.
   Now is a member of the folk - rebetiko troupe XAMAT. Collaborates with Tasos Asakidis,
   Atam Tsalikian, Vasili Kladi, Noe Zafeiridis and the excellent singer Sophia Emfietzi.
   Alongside appearances at the same time teaches bouzouki.
   Miran Tsalikian is a Greek composer and musician whose works have been performed
   throughout the world by renowned orchestras.
   In 2019, he won a contest hosted by the Gwangju Cultural Foundation
   of Korea for orchestral interpretations of a signature song to honor
   the victims of the May 18 Gwangju Uprising of 1980.

   Pickup: Energy___AM-Acoustic