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Product Code: AK-3M
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AK-3M. This complete system makes any Accordion to an electro-acoustic.
Its advanced circuit produces the richest sound your Accordion can deliver.
This system consists of Mixer-Preamp and three high quality Microphones.
The microphones incorporate technology for reduced feedback.
They have foam-windscreen and flexible arm (gooseneck),
that allows for a variety of positions on Accordions.
On Preamp includes knob controls, volume and tone for melodies Mic’s and volume for bass Mic.
That allows blending the 3 Microphones continuously with realism and excellent response.
The Preamp has 3 input jacks (3.5mm) for Microphones and ¼ jack output.
Can plug your preamp directly into a P.A. or acoustic amp.
Compatible with most wireless systems and effect pedals.
Easy installation on the Accordion and fast removing from that.
The Mixer with adhesive fastening tape (Hook and loop) and the Mics with special self-adhesive clips.
Fully equipped with battery case. Powered by 3 alkaline batteries ( LR44 watch type ).
Low-current design of the preamp allows up to 300 hours between battery changes.
** Alternative provides supplied by phantom power (48 Volt) when plug in to console Mic input XLR.
Proper cable required ( XLR connector to 1/4 plug)
The power is off when the plug is removed.
Dimensions: L 80 x W 30 x H 20 mm


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