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«ΤΑΡ»  electronic  laboratory  –Stavros Taglis & co-  is the only one in Greece with a special know- how on making pickups and sensors for musical instruments.
«ΤΑΡ»    products seeking new scientific ways of production based on step by step testing and verification demanding a quality test through the whole production
chain to the very last product.  Also our company is always  able to supply individuals  and wholesalers with pickups and sensors for violin – bouzouki –
ceramic guitar sensors- clarinet mic and sensors etc.
Further more, an advertisement back- up, special packaging, instructions for installations  and long last guarantee, is what makes the difference.  
We run business in our own base in Athens, having separate sectors  for every activity.  
There is a Special Studio for recording and testing musical instruments and pickups full computerising.
 Our company invests on new technologies and has always in mind a perfect sound reproduction and artistic out-look of our products.  
 with respect - Stavros Tagklis