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AM - Acoustic

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 Acoustic Magnetic pickup

Bouzouki gets warm and natural acoustic sound,
witch comes out from a combination of a condenser Microphone and Energy pickup of slim technology.
Now you can have all in one unit and blend them as vary as you like.
Pickup has all the characteristics of a special and expensive microphone, but without feedback and improves artist's skill.


Also has an ideal balance for every string along with a symmetrical response.
The quality of the sound, the great harmonic depth, smoothness and clarity can only be compare to a studio special microphone.
This very bouzouki microphone has an ideal matching for mic/line inputs of a console.
Also Amp's with a high impedance, can be used.
It's slim design avoid obstruction from Bouzouki soundhole.
Pickup screws at the end of fingerboard, on the special mounting slot that is made for common type pickups.
Light-weight pickup, add no weight on the instrument.
A mini 1.5 Volt battery required.
World's smaller Bouzouki pickup, made in mini case.

Dimensions : 2,3x10x 52 mm.

Sound samples
(AM-Acoustic _Mix) (AM-Acoustic _Mic) (AM-Acoustic _ Pickup)



am2   am4

am1    am3


Quality testing by department of Physics



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