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Product Code: 3 Wind
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Sensor - Microphone for Saxophones: Alto, Tenor, Baritone

Sensor - Microphone for Clarinets: Eb, Bb, A, G

The Instrument  gets a warm, natural sound. 
The result of such a mic-style sensor improves the artist's skill
with the details of a soft dynamic and symmetrical sound and produces
a rich harmonic volume and variable hue,
that only a studio microphone can achieve.

To change hue we adapt a different cell on the mic-style sensor.   
(white -nickel-black cells).
Gives natural sound on classical, traditional, jazz music
and we have a real change of hue first time on this sensor.

Output level controlled by a potentiometer -- volume --
The mic-style sensor matches all consoles mic/line inputs
as well as to any amp with a High input.
The sensor has humidity isolation.

Dimensions: D-22mm H-20mm

Sound samples



3wind1  3wind2

3wind9  3wind3