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Power Bank technology.  90 sec charging time

The Octa microphone is an active self-powered system.
TAP Octa microphone employs a unique technology that provides benefits to performer.
You can enjoy the benefits of an special microphone without worrying about batteries.
The OCTA, Clarinet and Sax microphone is an complete system with full features for yours needs.
The sensor includes: Isotonic Microphone, Active Equaliser and Octaver.
TAP has launched the Octa performance mic that combines the analog audio quality
and a next generation (without battery) technology.
With this compact and convenient mic, user can have live performances
and studio recordings or use it with any console or amplifier.

TAP's engineers brings a many years experience and revolutionary design in these microphones.
Employs the (power bank) energy harvesting technology.
Power bank system serves as an integrated battery. To charge the system,
just plug in the micro -usb connector into the mic socket and wait only 90 seconds.
The blue led lights during the charge. The Microphone is ready for 8 hours of performance.
Microphone be charged and discharged an unlimited number of times.
Not subject to overcharge. No chance to explode.
The rechargable Power Bank, ensures a smooth operation during the performance time.
The system solutions from TAP, increases flexibility, usability, and energy efficiency in microphones.
The sensor has humidity isolation and comes with MCX connector on the body.
Comes with different cables for any connection.
“Octa” Clarinet - Sax microphone choice has a complete sound reproduction control.

Dimensions: D-35mm H-37mm

Sound Samples (octa & octa/octaver)

octa6    octa8  

octa10    octa7


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