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Product Code: HM - SE
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Soundhole (pickup) for Acoustic Guitar
Wooden construction with beautiful finish surface.
The HM-SE is a passive, humbucker pickup

that enhances realism and smoothness in your guitar sound.
It's slim design and this pickup offers excellent bass response.
This pickup suspend directly over the soundhole,
it's possible to uninstall these relatively easy leaving no permanent marks.
Two mounting clamps are permanently attached to the main body
with cork rubber covered slots to prevent damage to your guitars.
Comes with Endpin connector for internal positioning.

 Dimensions : L 100 x W 20 x H 30 mm

* Impedance - 9.00 K plain enamel wire
* Shielded construction - copper foil.
* Ceramic Magnet
* Consolidated magnetic field bars (blade)


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