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61,00 €
Product Code: KM-SF
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Acoustic Guitar  soundhole pickup

The KM-S is a single coil passive magnetic pickup
that enhances realism and smoothness in your guitar sound.
It's slim design and this pickup offers excellent bass and mid-range response.
This magnetic pickup suspend directly over the soundhole,
it's possible to uninstall these relatively easy leaving no permanent marks.
KM-S has 6  pole pieces to control individual string balance
and unique design of magnetic bar inside for precise string to string balance.
Two mounting clamps are permanently attached to the main body
with foam rubber covered slots to prevent damage to your guitars.
Comes with 1/4 output jack with special mounting holder for external positioning.
You can trail the cable out of the sound hole to your amp.

Dimensions : L 95 x W 17 x H 25 mm