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TAP system employs a unique technology that provides benefits to performer.
That system make any instrument to an electro-acoustic.
The sound is natural with alternative flexibility for studio reproductions
and acoustic performances.
Comes in low profile wooden case, with beautiful finish surface.
The magnetic pickup is passive (single coil) with brilliance articulate tone.
Uses (Rare Earth) magnets structure with spreading sound.
The adjustable pole pieces let you balance the output of each string.
Comes in shielded construction.
Easy mount on instrument with no modification of the instrument.
On Preamp includes controls and ¼ jacks.
Can plug your preamp directly into a P.A. or acoustic amp.
Compatible with most wireless systems and effect pedals.
Easy installation on instrument's with fastener tape (Hook and loop).
Low-current design of the preamp allows up to 400 hours between battery changes.
Use LR44 alkaline type battery.
Alternative working with 48 Volt (phantom power) when plug in to Mic input XLR.

Dimensions : Preamp: L 80 x W 40 x H 20 mm
                     Pickup : L 76 x W 20 (32) x H 13 mm