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Product Code: MIF-WF
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The MIF-WF is a (Clamp mount) sub-miniature condenser microphone
with noise suppression function and Wide Cardioid pattern.
The microphone is equipped with shielded cable (Kevlar material)
that provides high tensile strength, hugely reducing the cable
damage through bending and twisting.
Low-profile design (only 5mm diameter)
is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility.
The microphone cover are sturdy and fashionable (hard bronze element)
with smooth surface and wearproof texture.
TAP microphone is designed for wind instruments. 
Comes with 3.5mm plug jack that provide safe connections.
Extra long 1.2M cable is perfect in every playing position,
giving the user both the flexibility and the range needed.

Pack Contents -
microphone, pow-45, windscreen foam, soft carry case.

Quick, safe attachment with no modification of the instrument required. 

Features :
Low-profile design for minimum visibility
Non-invasive installation
Quick set-up, ease-of-use
Freedom of performance mobility
Powered by pow-45 

Sensitivity: -30dB ± 3dB
Directivity: Wide Cardioid
Impedance: ≤ 3KΩ
Operating voltage: 2 – 5 V
Frequency response: 60Hz-16KHz




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