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A stomp box is a simple percussion instrument.
STOMP HF is a versatile stomp box with flat top
and rounded edges for a smooth playing experience.
Easy to use standing or sitting, with your heel or toe.
Also be played with hands or sticks.
These different playing styles leaves room for creativity.
High quality pickups and hardware ensure noise free performance
and produces a powerful bass sound.
Allows to performer to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment.
It is compact making and easy to transport.
It is designed for acoustic or electric guitarists,
bass players and percussionists!
Can be used for extended periods of play without leg strain.
TAP Stomp Boxes are constructed with a plywood species including American Ash
and have a standard ¼ " output jack which can be plugged into PA, or EQ.
Guitar amplifiers can also used by adjusting the tone and volume.
These portable ( foot and hand) percussion comes
with a Rubber-cork sheet featuring ergonomicall shaped handle for playing comfort.

Dimensions: 20,00 X 14,00 X 2,00 cm




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