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Product Code: SB-IVO
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SB–IVO is a high quality stomp box with additional mixer features.
Allows input from another source — like a guitar — to plug in to your amp together through one cable.
Use the natural rhythm of your foot tapping as an accompaniment to your guitar playing.
Easy to use standing or sitting, with your heel or toe.
With a slanted front for extra comfort when playing,
is the classic accompaniment for the professional musician.
The contact sensor and hardware ensure noise free performance and produces a powerful bass sound.
Provided in wedge shaped with slanted top and rounded edges.
It is compact making and constructed with a plywood species.
Comes with volume control for the contact sensor,
1/4" jack socket mixing input and standard 1/4" jack socket for plugged into PA, or EQ.
The bottom panel has Cork-rubber foots.

Dimensions: 15,00 X 15,00 X 3-5 cm