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Product Code: PRE-DI
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Power Bank technology.
90 sec charging time.

TAP "PRE- DI" preamplifier employs a unique technology that provides benefits to performer.
TAP's engineers brings a many years experience
and revolutionary design in the pickups and preamplification.
Easy personalized for your specific sound.
You can enjoy the benefits of an active system without worrying about batteries.
TAP has launched the PRE-DI performance preamplifier
that combines the analog audio quality and a next generation technology.
It also features with 4-band EQ with a switchable bass
Six unique adjustable knobs {Bass (H / L), L-Midd, H-Midd, High } Level and Gain.
Fast responce and fully symmetrical filter (24 dB boost/cut).
Designed with 1/4 jack (in - out), balanced output ( & phantom power) and Micro-usb connection.
Portable in minimal-size and all in metal box.
This portable and convenient Preamp are usefull in live performances, in studio recordings or with any console or amplifier.

Powered by
1} Phantom Power (48 V) is best known (and most often used)
as a power source for active DI and preamplifiers with the same cable
carries the audio signal from the preamplifier, while the mixing board
sends DC power to the preamplifier, all without adding noise on the signal.
This makes it possible to use the preamplifier without internal power bank.
2} Employs the (power bank) technology as an integrated battery.
To charge the system, just plug in the micro-usb connector
into the Preamp socket and wait only 90 seconds.
The blue led light on during the charge.
The Preamp is ready for 6 hours of performance.
Pre-Amp can charge and discharge for an unlimited number of times.
Not subject to overcharge. No chance to explode.
The rechargable (Power Bank), ensures a smooth operation during the performance time.