Vangelis Papanastasiou


Vangelis Papanastasiou   Nano-R

Vangelis Papanastasiou was born in the village Apalos, Alexandroupoli.
He became apprentice from a young age next to excellent traditional musicians
of his homeland and in the Music School “Distribution of national music of Simon Karras”.
He has a diploma in Byzantine Music as well as in Superior Theories of European music
(Fougka, Counterpart and Orchestration of wind instruments).
Apart from clarinet he also plays the bagpipe, flute and zournas.
From 1994 and for 6 years he collaborated with the Theatre of Greek dances “Dora Stratou”
while he participated in events and cultural representations in Greece (Athens Music Hall,
Herodeion Theatre, the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”) and abroad (America, Egypt, Kenya,
Soudan, Somalia, S. Africa). He has collaborated with the majority of traditional music
singers, such as Chronis Aidonidis, Kariofyli Doitsidi, Domna Samiou, Xanthippi Karathanasi,
Antonis Kyritsis, Filio Pyrgaki, Kostas Nakas, Sofia and Thanassis Vottas, Giota Bei,
Vaggelio Christia, Michali Kaliotzidis, Vangelis Dimoudis, Vasilis Sermpezis, Manos
Koutsaggelidis, Giota Griba, Lazaros Tsampas, Panagiotis Lalezas, Christos Tzitzimikas,
Thymios Gkogkidis, Nasia Konitopoulou, etc. He participated in the Greek television
show “Musical Tradition’’ of” Panagiotis Mylonas. In 2002 he published his first personal
disk with music and songs of Thrace called “THRACE” and in 2009, the second one, “Thrace today”.
Since 2007 he has published his books entitled ‘Musical recordings of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus,
Morias, Thessalia’ and the collections ‘Apokriatika’ and ‘Kalanta’ by Phillipos Nakas publications.
He teaches traditional clarinet in Music Schools, among others, of Ilion, Alimos, Piraeus.

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