Filippos Tsemperoulis


Filippos Tsemperoulis           TC-R

Filippos Tsemperoulis is well-known in the musical circles for his virtuosity in the wind instruments.
He plays the saxophone (the whole family), clarinet, flute, wooden and metal pipe, and oboe.
He made his first musical steps in mpantina of Patras, the city where he was born, at the age of six.
In the Music School of Athens he studied clarinet with Farantatos and oboe with Siele for six years.
When he finished, he earned a scholarship from the Orchestra of Athens. Since 1970 he has worked
with the biggest names of Greek music: Ksarchakos, Markopoulos, Savvopoulos, Dalaras, Galani,
Parios, Alexiou, Ksylouris and other. In 1986 he participated in the jazz-rock group “Speed”
with Christoforos Krokidis, Pavlos Alexiou, Vangelis Kantaras and Leonidas Alachadamis, proving
thus that he can play all style of music. He performs in the State Orchestra of Northern Greece
and in the Symphonic Orchestra of ERT as a soloist in saxophone.
Filippos Tsemperoulis is an experienced professional musician and participates in recordings permanently.

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