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TONAL plus

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Excelent (pick-up) microphone system for clarinet and saxophone,
that provides benefits to performer.
With this compact and convenient mic, user can have
live performances and studio recordings
or use it with any console or amplifier.
Produces a very natural sound by transfers all tones isotonicaly.
Working without feedback and matces perfect with wireless systems.
Designed with level volume control and special turning knob.
Comes with  MCX connector on the body for fast connections choice.
High gain output for Console and lower gain for Wireless connection.
The microphone works passively and requires no supply voltage.
The sensor has humidity isolation by using special O-rings.
Ultra light construction with no add weight on instrument.

*** The special packagine includes, microphone,
casing pipe, sealing plug, lubricant, connection cable MCX - 1/4 (6.3mm)
special turning knob and the installation instructions.



Natural sound and isotonic level in all pitches.
Quick-change-mechanism for placing and removing.
Eliminates the stucture-borne sound transmission.
Works completely without feedback.
Advanced Piezo Technology (APT).
MCX output and volume control.

Characteristics :
dimensions : D: 23mm H: 21mm
weight : 18 gr
responce : 30 – 20000 Hz



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