«TAP» is a Greek manufacturing company based in Athens and specializing in the making
of magnetic pickups and sensors since 1986, starting business under the firm
{ S. Taglis – P.  Arabatzis } as a general partnership.

1986    Makes a special Bouzouki pickup and gets the first parent diploma.
1988   «TAP» is under reorganization in its own new building at Attiki sq. and now there are 
             6 new models of pickup Bouzouki, Tzoura and Baglama.
1990   «TAP» is producing 45 new different types of pickups and sensors for a variety of  musical instruments.
1992    Greek National TV presents  the researching work of «TAP» at the time of  «new investigators
1997   «TAP» presents a variety of products in its own booth at «Messe Frankfurt» International  Fare in Germany
2001   «TAP»  is expanding activities and extents its building facilities by adding  new space in the base of Attiki sq. 
2005    «TAP» production rice now at over 130 models of pickups and its activity expand out of
              Greece to a number of foreign markets.
2007    «TAP» creates a Special Studio for testing and researching works in the field
2009   Performed comparative control about characteristics and reliability for the Energy pickup from University of Athens.
2010    Apply the production of the isotonic Sensor-Microphone for Clarinet.
2013    Developed a new signal control technology of pickups "ETSI"
2014 «TAP» presents a variety of products in its own booth at «Guitars and Beyond» exhibition in Milan.
2015 - 2019 «TAP» presents a variety of products in its own booth at «MusikMesse FRANKFURT» exhibition   
2020 - 2021. Expansion of activities. Spectral analysis of musical instruments and Acoustic space studies with sonication.



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